What I write as I wander

Les Thompson

The story behind the books:

Inside The Media: HELLO EGO you could say was 35 years in the making; that’s the number of years that I spent in mainstream media – radio, television and print- and I chronicled it all from 1965 through to 2000 when I transitioned into travel. It was an exciting, rewarding and, at times, dangerous broadcasting career. I worked with some wonderful, talented people and with some rogues and rascals. You can read more about it all here: MORE

Communicating Successfully: Media & Communication Skills Made Easy is a ‘how to’ book that I was asked to write after my media memoirs had sold well on three continents back in 2009. I had made many speeches to different groups as part of my job to promote my radio work. In addition, I was hired to host international dinners and to introduce special guests for the Australia America Association in Sydney and I conducted media training sessions for indiviuals, the NSW Education Department, Corporations and Football Clubs. You learn a lot by experience. Interviewing and investigative journalism were important subjects and I had to keep pace with technology so I added chapters on writing blogs, recording podcasts and when Donald Trump made ‘Fake News’ such a buzz term I had to explain just how how long ‘fake news’ has been around. While supporting dedicated journalists just doing their job, I provided examples of political bias on the part of media owners and their managers. The email feedback from readers has been very pleasing. MORE