The story behind the books

A personal account of living under a totalitarian regime and her daring escape, FINDING MY WAY OUT.  JAY THOMPSON was a marked woman. As a university student in Communist Czechoslovakia, like many others, she had tried to escape after the Russians sent in forces to invade her homeland in 1968. Border guards sent her back to be interrogated for the next three months. There was no equality under the Communist regime; they favoured only Communist Party members and they took their orders from one man, the Soviet President. A lot happened to convince her that there could be no future for her or her children as individual freedom was quashed and as one powerful figure decreed that citizens follow his totalitarian rule or face the consequences. This story is timely. As the world lurched towards the far-right and democracy faced savage attack, Jay Thompson decided to tell her story of living under Communism. It was after her estranged, Czech husband revealed to her his plan to ‘see the world’ that she knew if he did, she would be trapped. In a daring move to start a new life in a democratic country, she risked certain imprisonment by escaping to the West with her children. Fear of capture by the Secret Police travelled with her every step of the way out.

An Educational Children’s Tale DUSTY, THE BEAR WHO COULD TALK,  Dusty is much more than a teddy bear. He can talk. In this story, he has a lot to say about brown bears and how they live in the scenic forests of the Slovak Mountains. His new friend, Joe, a 7-year-old boy from a local village, is listening.

True Child Sexual Abuse Story: NOBODY BELIEVED ME is probably the most important book that I’ve written. I was asked to write the story of American childhood abuse victim, Paulette Conti. In detailing and researching her story of survival after her ghastly ordeal at the notorious Florida hospital Chattahoochie, I realised that she was determined to let other abuse victims know that they can overcome their feeling of hopelessness. She knew exactly how terrible abuse can affect people for a lifetime. Her meeting with an Italian-American, Tony Conti, and their wonderful marriage brings her story back into the light from a very dark place. Still, for a long time family and friends had found it too hard to accept that an innocent 12-year-old girl could be treated so badly. With her full story out there, they could no longer ignore the truth. MORE

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A Story Of Success: THE PETCARE MEN is an inspirational blueprint for starting an innovative business venture with strong determination and minimum marketing. It’s a booklet that explains how two men achieved success by careful research into what the industry needed and what their customers wanted. MORE

Male Sex survival guide:AUSSIE JACK is a story straight out of the Australian Bush, where people ‘call a spade a spade’ and drop expletives all over the place in telling their tales. This book emerged from a real conversation over dinner and a few beers with a truckie in a country town called Nyngan. Yes it’s Aussie humour, but Jack being Jack, the language is explicit! The love story that follows his ‘social experiment’ is a fictional account of how Jack had to deal with the aftermath. As a graduate of the self-styled ‘University of the Curious Mind’, Jack has a lot of explaining to do if he wants to win back Trish Nolan’s heart. MORE

A Cyber Crime Mystery: THE CYBER SINGERS is a mystery novel that moves from the quiet country town of Cowra through the North Californian wine fields down to Santa Clara where the sweet Sally Walker attends a Karaoke Party and then vanishes. It will take a lot of clever police work to solve this case, because there’s a bundle of suspects. Maybe you will work it out ahead of the brash Californian Detective-Inspector and the country cop from Australia.


Czech Travel: THE HAPPY WANDERER Book 1 – The Czech Republic is a book of comprehensive travel impressions. Les Thompson is a former investigative journalist who had spent 35 years in mainstream media before his wife, Jay, talked him into joining her tour company to delve into destinations across Europe. He digs deeply. For 14 years Les took a close look at travel destinations and at the written and oral history of various countries, drew his own conclusions, checked his findings against several credible historical references and with a happy wanderer’s sense of humour he is creating a series of informative and entertaining travel books from his journal of fascinating experiences.   MORE